So let’s #AskHerMore this award season. Because I’m far more interested in what Robin Wright does to prepare for her flawless performances as Claire Underwood than what her morning routine was like that day. I’m much more curious about Kerry Washington’s thoughts on playing a character who constantly questions what is moral than how many dresses she went through before she picked “the one.”(And this is not to say that designer’s shouldn’t get recognition for their work. That I’ve always been in support of.) These women who are nominated have brilliant things to say about their work and their process. If we started treating actresses on the red carpet like women worth talking to and hearing from, maybe the characters women are given to play will one day reflect the same.

If You’re Tired of the Treatment of Women at Award Shows, There’s a Hashtag For That

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All it takes is one event to set a precedent. If Darren Wilson is arrested for, charged with, and convicted of the murder of Michael Brown, then that means ALL cops can be held accountable for their actions. It means the people can ALWAYS rise up and fight back against police brutality. 

That’s what the cops and National Guard in Ferguson is fighting against. They don’t want this standard to be set.

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What joy, what a riot, another dog pilot. Ancient spanish proverb (via paharou)

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somebody should write an essay comparing and contrasting tina from bob’s burgers and meg from family guy and explain why tina hit the mark for respectfully portraying the awkward teenage years and why meg is a huge fucking insensitive joke that isn’t even funny

Tina is a character, Meg is a punchline. 

wow that’s a pretty concise essay

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