Tan real que no hace gracia ninguna. Recomiendo mucho ver este documental al respecto: ‘La Guerra Invisible’

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I know that the characters are fictional.

But the emotional damage they cause is real.

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women are better than men = misandry

men are better than women = misogyny 

men and women are equal = feminism

everyone is equal but also shit = misanthropy,

everyone’s equal when they’re dead = lesmiserables

everyone’s dead = supernatural 

everyone’s important = doctor who

everyone’s an idiot = sherlock

everyone’s food = hannibal

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From this interview on Vulture with Game of Thrones 4x03 director Alex Graves


Q. You say it “becomes consensual by the end.” I rewatched the scene this morning, and it ends with Cersei saying, “It’s not right, it’s not right,” and Jaime on top of her saying, “I don’t care. I don’t care.” It leaves some room for debate. Were you involved with cutting the scene? Was there a longer version of the scene that might have read more like they were both consenting?

A. It’s my cut of the scene. The consensual part of it was that she wraps her legs around him, and she’s holding on to the table, clearly not to escape but to get some grounding in what’s going on. And also, the other thing that I think is clear before they hit the ground is she starts to make out with him. The big things to us that were so important, and that hopefully were not missed, is that before he rips her undergarment, she’s way into kissing him back. She’s kissing him aplenty.


Said the rapist with Blurred Lines as his ringtone…

So, remember, girls. Everything means yes so don’t even bother.